Meet the Founder of YFlourish 

Hi, I’m KJ Shannon! And I’m so glad you’re here…

  • Because I know you want to have unlimited income.  
  • Because I know you’re exhausted doing all the CRE things, not always getting the results you expected. 
  • Because I know MINDSET and STRATEGY are both keys to flourishing and unlocking the financial success you deserve.
  • Because I know you want to be with a group of like-minded professionals who support and inspire each other.

My Journey


Hi, I’m KJ Shannon.

Your CRE experience-rich business and mindset coach.

I call myself the experience-rich CRE coach.  I’m probably one of the few CRE coaches who have built their experience and wealth in four different businesses:  commercial real estate, coaching, program development  and strategic planning.  That experience along with positions like Chief Marketing Officer, Executive VP, working in both for-profit and non-profit  arenas and building a counseling practice, is now wrapped up into my online business consulting and coaching offers:           Pro to Powerhouse and The CRE Elite Edge    

I know how challenging not only building a business in commercial real estate can be, but also the mindset that needs to be nurtured to accomplish what you set out to do.   

One thing I noticed early on, when building my own CRE career, was that so many pros in CRE were stressed out and you could easily see the signs of burn out.   I wanted to do my business differently.  I wanted to enjoy educating new prospects regarding the value I brought to them.  I wanted to be sure, I kept time for my family and friends so I could  re-energize.  I wanted to deal-making to continue to be exciting and not a grind.  

I'll never forget the feeling when I had my first exclusive signed with a brand I really wanted to represent.   Or the first six-figure commission I earned.  It’s a feeling I want all my clients to carry throughout their career.  



The Pro to Powerhouse CRE masterclass  was designed to provide CRE professionals with the step-by-step method to create a powerful personal brand and strategy for accelerating your business and career growth.   Your professional days are packed with reports, meetings, analysis, cold-calling, and all the things.  And rarely much time for personal growth.  Especially if you are a boutique CRE firm.  Pro to Powerhouse is your opportunity to change all that! 


The CRE Elite Edge mastermind was designed to provide CRE professionals, who have reached  +six figures, to attain the next level results.  Often, you are your own bottleneck in accelerating to the next level in business and personal growth.  Now you have to completely shift your mindset into full-blown leadership capacity.  This is your own think tank opportunity to focus on your next phase of career or business growth.  Accountability is critical at this level.  


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Karen is an extraordinary coach. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She radiates warmth, wisdom, humor, sensitivity, positivity, creativity and business savvy. An active listener, she gives gentle nudges and constructive criticism as needed, offers practical solutions and strategies for overcoming perceived obstacles, and shares her wealth of information about relevant state-of-the-art resources and platforms and how to use them to achieve your business goals. She instills confidence and belief in yourself as she guides you along the path toward taking your vision from dream to reality.

Lora Friedman
CEO YouLuminous

YFlourish Values


I help CRE professionals grow their businesses through strategies, best practices, and personal development so they can feel confident and know they are on the right path!


I show you how to rediscover your excitement for an amazing and sometimes challenging CRE career and entrepreneurship, no matter your age!


It's hard to have resilience and grit when you're trying to balance a business, family, hobbies, and everything else you have to deal with in your daily life.  I help find solutions and show you how to keep motivated so you can push past all that and find your strength in success!