The Key To
Your Dreams


Go from thinking about what is possible to actually 
creating it in your life. 

Your Abundance Board™ leads the way to becoming a POWERHOUSE!


The most powerful way to achieve goals is to keep them  top of mind and take action.


An Abundance Board™ is the first step!


Your experience-rich business strategist.

I call myself the experience-rich business strategist.  I’m probably one of the few CRE professionals who have built their wealth in four different businesses:  commercial real estate, coaching, program development  and strategic planning.  That experience along with positions like Chief Marketing Officer, Executive VP, working in both for-profit and non-profit arenas and building a counseling practice, is now wrapped up into my online business consulting and coaching offer:  Pro to POWERHOUSE and The CRE ELITE EDGE.  

I know how challenging not only building a business can be, but also the mindset that needs to be nurtured to accomplish what you set out to do. 

Suddenly, you’ll find yourself

Speaking out for what you want.
Taking more risks in your personal and business life. 
Asking more directly for what you want.

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