Design your offer. Market to your dream client. Sell your services online. All with the Lucrative Launch System!


Over the next 12 months,  using the Lucrative Launch System,  you’ll move into becoming a true leader and CEO in your industry.  One seamless system with clear direction and results.*  

And with unlimited income! 

I see you. You’re a woman with an ABUNDANCE MINDSET!  You have a purpose.  You’re ready to lead and enjoy the freedom of a well-run business.


This is what I need!

But, here’s the hold up:

  • You haven’t hit your highest potential but you know it’s right around the corner. You just don’t know how to get to the corner.
  • You’re not new to coaching or consulting, but frustrated because you see others who seem to be on fire in their growth and now you’re starting to second guess yourself.
  • You’ve even invested lots of $$$ in coaches and group programs, downloaded tons of self-directed modules but you’re still not growing or scaling the way you thought you would by now. What else do you need to do?

Is this YOU?


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Here’s what you really need to change in your business: 

Business Changer #1  

You need a simple go-to market strategy that is scalable.

Business Changer #2

You need a simple strategy that brings in the type of income needed to grow a team and have freedom.  

Business Changer #3

You need an accountability partner who will check in with you about goals you have set and whether or not you are meeting those goals.  

Business Changer #4 

You need real business best practices and strategies that must be in place to grow and flourish. 

 In just this retreat, I’ll show you how to tie everything together in marketing and sales with THE LUCRATIVE LAUNCH SYSTEM.  And the mindset strategies to keep you motivated.

This PROVEN system will bring you the income you’ve always dreamed of, the confidence you are in the right business or niche, and the freedom you’ll have because of developing your own team.   









In our LIVE retreat I’ll show you how to:

Create your own SIGNATURE OFFER that sets you apart from everyone else.

Design your own LUCRATIVE LAUNCH.

Show you an easy step-by-step calculation process that will bring you to the income level you desire and beyond.   

Master non-cringe ways to fill your retreats with qualified high-level leads. 

Show you how to be a CEO instead of an overworked employee in your own business.

During our FREE LIVE 5-day retreat, you’ll also:

Totally reinvent how you do business.

Update and have clarity on who your dream clients actually are.

Discover how to give yourself permission to increase your income.

Work through the blocks that have held you back.

Align your desired income with your SIGNATURE program.

Craft a 12-month plan that will SCALE!

 Use the time in the retreat to understand and use the strategies on how to take your coaching or consulting business to multiple 6 and 7 figures!

 And we’ll have a 1:1 call during the retreat to help you find the gaps in your business and mindset that are holding you back.

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Hi, I’m KJ Shannon.

Your experience-rich business coach.

I call myself the experience-rich business coach.  I’m probably one of the few coaches who have built their wealth in three different businesses:  commercial real estate, program development  and strategic planning.  That experience along with positions like Chief Marketing Officer, Executive VP, working in both for-profit and non-profit  arenas and building a counseling practice, is now wrapped up into my online business consulting and coaching offer:  The Flourishing Female Entrepreneur.   

I know how challenging not only building a business can be, but also the mindset that needs to be nurtured to accomplish what you set out to do.   

 One thing I noticed early on, when building my own online business, was that clients had taken several group courses, (some Live, some self-directed) worked with several coaches 1:1 for specific tactics, but still didn’t have a workable and scalable strategy. They were frustrated! Plus they were undercharging for their service! 

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I realized I had done over $10M in transactions in just one year.  It’s a feeling I want all my clients to have.  

The Lucrative Launch System was designed to provide businesswomen with the simple marketing strategy that changes everything. And whether my client’s goal is to hit 6 or 7 figures, the Lucrative Launch System is the strategy to get them there.

This retreat IS NOT for you if: 

  • You’re happy with being an overworked solopreneur.
  • You don’t believe in your dream. 
  • You are happy doing 1:1 even if it is limiting the number of clients you can serve and the income you can make. 
  • You don’t understand the value of having simple systems to make everything easier.
  • Your coaching or consulting business is a hobby. 

The Lucrative Launch retreat IS for you, if:

  • You’re willing to reinvent your 1:1 and signature group program.
  • You want to know NOW,  how to quickly scale your business.
  • You’ve been spending lots of time in free masterminds and collecting free templates and still aren’t making headway.  
  • The word “sales” makes you cringe but you know it’s the path to abundance!
  • You’ve been in business for more than 6 months and are frustrated with everything!
  • You know accountability puts you on the fast track.
  • You’re ready to let go of all the stuff holding you back!
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...knowing exactly how you are going to achieve your income goal this year.

...your business has a loyal and amazing following that wants to be with you for years. get to wake up to a business that is flourishing.

...your hard work is paying off in ways you never imagined.

If you’re ready NOW to take your business to the next level, I want to see you inside this FREE retreat!

*Disclaimer:  This event is free and provides information on how to scale your business.  Program results are totally linked to you taking action and doing the necessary work.  The Flourishing Female Entrepreneur program will be discussed and offered during our event.