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We transform coaches, consultants and service-based businesses into FLOURISHING ENTREPRENEURS!

Use a sure-fire method for scaling your business, launch your free virtual retreat and say YES to your dream life and business.

The FLOURISH Method shows you, step-by-step, how to simplify doing business.
Plus, fill your signature year-long program with aligned clients.
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Putting a strategy and structure in place is always challenging when growing a business. As I expanded my business, Karen has been instrumental in guiding me in figuring out step-by-step how to get to my next level. Even on the days where it seemed things could fall apart, Karen never waivered in helping me reach inward and find the strength to keep going. Now I am living in an amazing LA location, driving the car of my dreams and have over 20 employees because I learned how to scale and grow my business. I’m convinced, it would not have possible without working with Karen.

- Logan Schott, CEO Free Agent

For years I harbored negative self-doubt and self-sabotage.  Karen has helped me believe in myself, and my abilities, in my health and wellness coaching business. Karen has been my biggest cheerleader and sounding board. She has made me see the value I bring to my clients and assisted me in tweaking my program in order to help my clients achieve the results they want. I no longer play small and have been able to close more clients at a higher price point as a result.

- Luisa Monroe, CEO My Way of Eating

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